Former Hotel Employees

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Whether you were fired or quit your hotel job, be it in the last few hours or days, or should it be months or years past, it is entirely possible that we might be able to correct underpayments and/or non-payments from your hotel employer. For although most cases involve responding to a hotel employee's termination almost immediately after they've been fired, these are not the only situations that would enable us to pursue corrective legal action, given that the law was drafted in many provinces to protect legally earned money even if an employee quits their job or has signed off on their former employee's written release, as part of their termination & severance package, potentially months, and even years later, such that those former employees might very well be legally entitled to get paid what they are statutorily owed.

Provincial employment standards legislation can be very daunting and complex, such that understanding the entirety of one's legal rights and entitlements may not be easy to discern. Instead, far too many former hotel employees simply go with what they are told or read off of the Internet, while far too many employment lawyers apparently don't look beyond what might be contained in a termination & severance package. Nevertheless, when you get into the specifics of the provincial employment standards legislation, with its statutory minimums and legal protections for employee earned money, that is where former hotel employees will identify their former employer's underpayments and non-payments, together with the legal means to effect their recovery. And this means working with a lawyer knowledgeable in these aspects of the law, whether as a new legal action against a hotel employer or as part of a class action that we are presently pursuing against certain of Canada's most significant hotel employers.

 So if you're a recently terminated hotel employee looking for a lawyer to provide a specialized approach to reviewing and potentially pursuing an increased termination and severance pay-out, or you are a past hotel employee, including but not limited to those previously employed by either the Marriott / Starwood hotel group or the InnVest / Accor hotel group, do not hesitate to contact hotel employee lawyer Christopher Neufeld in strict confidence at either telephone number 403-400-4092 or by email at

FORMER HOTEL EMPLOYEES (especially those who worked in Alberta) contact us to preserve your legal pay entitlements given the apparent preponderance for faulty payroll reporting, miscalculations of payroll and underpayments to former hotel employees.

Hotel Employee Termination & Severance Packages Need to be Reviewed